Air Nomad Genocide

I can't help but think of a time when everything was so much brighter...

That is the mood that kickstarts The Runaway, written by ChromeXW. In this story we meet Myaku, an airbender exile who survived the genocide. He is captured by Sandbenders in the Misty Palms Oasis for the bounty placed on airbenders by Sozin. At the sandbenders colony, we meet Taizo, a young, rebellious Fire Nation deserter. Working together, they escape their confinement and are surprised to find all the sandbenders dead.

They escape the colony and are pursued by Colonel Lang, a mysterious Fire Nation officer. After defeating him in an avalanche, they travel to Omashu for safety. To their surprise, they are arrested for the massacre of the sandbenders and the avalanche that unfortunately destroyed a major trade route. While in jail, they escape a bounty hunter sent to kill Myaku and are placed under house arrest while the investigation continues.

While exploring the city, we meet the teenage Bumi, who mistakes Myaku for his childhood friend, Aang. Myaku goes off to apoligize after Taizo scares him off. Meanwhile, Taizo gets drunk in a bar and is captured by Lang and his soldiers, who plan to kill him. Bumi and Myaku rescue him and are brought before the King of Omashu, a powerful man named Mishi.

Mishi gravely states that by accidentally destroying the trade route, they have cut off supplies that Omashu provides to other bases. Along with that, Omashu is seriously unguarded, having sent all its troops to the front. He gives them a mission to take a message to a general asking him to return.

This series was good to start with, and in the course of a few chapters has grown in quality to become an exceptional fanon. With pounding action, a well thought out plot and unforgettable characters, this fanon is one to read for sure as we learn the tale of The Runaway, one of my new personal favorites on the wiki.

Story: A+

Keeps You Reading: A

Creativity: A

Action: A+

Plot Twists: B+

Script: A

Character Development: A+ (I LOVE Taizo, his personality's unforgettable)

Overall: A

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

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