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Azula fires lightning

So, I’m officially the final member of the Squad to give a review for Avatar: The Flaming Stone, by Omashu Rocks. Everyone excited?


The 100 year war has ended, yet Earth King Kuei has failed to return to Ba Sing Se and has no heirs. As a result, the capital of the Earth Kingdom is shifted to Omashu with Bumi as the Earth King. He and Firelord Zuko attempt establish a healthy, trustworthy, and peaceful relationship between their two nations, but not every citizen is satisfied. Rebellious firebenders form the Ozai Movement, dedicated to overthrowing Zuko, mysterious Watebenders arise, a past Avatar returns, and spirits battle for good and wrong. All of this is due to one ancient piece of jewelry, a necklace called the flaming stone. Team Avatar must confront these growing problems while facing both old and new enemies, such as the insane Azula, the infamous Long Feng, the twisted Hama, and the mysterious Cloaks. They will reunite with friends including Zuko, The Mechanist, Song, as well as some new ones. In this series, destinies will unfold, battles will be fought, people will be betrayed, spirits will be unleashed, and lives will be lost.

Script: Surprisingly well done for such a new fanon. 9.2/10

Story: Again, the idea of a faction rising up against the outcome of the war is a tad recycled. However, I will give him points on the idea of making Omashu the capital and Bumi the Earth King. 8.9/10

Keeps You Reading: 9.0/10

Creativity: Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Bumi having a grandson, among other things I can’t reveal because of spoilers. 9.1/10

Character Development: Average for a new fanon, and is steadily improving. 8.8/10

Action: A simple in its description. It gets to the point and lets you know what is going on, but could use a little more detail. 8.5/10

General Writing: I was very surprised when I first started the story. For a newer fanon, it doesn’t feature the “transition phase” that I notice in brand new stories. As I said before, the Action could use a little more description. Otherwise, I would suggest just keep doing what you’re doing, and always look for new ways that you think can improve your story. 9.4/10

Overall: 8.9/10

Next Review: Avatar: The Legend of Rokan

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