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This week's review is Shoji's Journey, written by Keitonashita. This story takes a minor character from "The Headband", Shoji, and gives him a plot and life all his own. The plot takes off from the events of the The Headband with Shoji meeting Aang (aliased as Kuzon) and discovering he is an earthbender. Although Aang has gone, his influence has left a deep mark in Shoji's life, leading him to question the war and the Fire Nation's propoganda.

Life goes on for Shoji after Aang has left, and he is eventually assigned a new firebending teacher named Raul. Raul teaches him the real ways of firebending, learning to draw from the breath instead of hatred and rage. Unexpectedly, he leaves, leaving only a small token to Shoji: a White Lotus tile. A few days later, Azula, Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee show up at the school. Although Shoji impresses Azula with his firebending skill, he refuses her offer to come to the Royal Palace and runs away with On Ji, another character from "the Headband".

Overall, this story has astounded me with the creativity of it's author in creating a whole story with a backcharacter only meant for one episode. Featuring an astounding plot, building action, and character development you can feel, this fanon story is sure to win the hearts of any reader, being one of my personal favorites on the wiki.

Story: A+

Keeps You Reading: A

Creativity: A+

Action: A-

Plot Twists: B+

Script: A-

Character Development: A+

Overall Grade: A

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

Next Week's Review: Azula's Revenge by VJavatar.

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