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Today's review is Phoenix Empire, by Faith124.

Phoenix King procession


Avatar Aang has been successfully killed by Princess Azula, leaving no other obstacles in her father's way. On the day Sozin's Comet arrives, Fire Lord Ozai harnesses all of it's power to take down the remaining forces defying his rule. During this time many lives are lost and no prisoners are taken. All tribes or individuals known to have any previous positive affiliation with the Avatar will be punished. In addition to naming himself Phoenix King, Ozai also appoints Azula as Fire Lord. Though Prince Zuko had also been a candidate, he had known all along he would never recieve the throne. Azula was the favorite, and in the King's eyes, a perfect heir. The Phoenix Empire is born from the ashes of destruction and is driven by hunger for power. The world is in chaos, and this time no Avatar is coming to save it.

Meanwhile, Aang is meditating on a mountain. Seconds before Azula's attack made contact, Roku pulled Aang into the Spirit World. Because Aang was in the process of summoning the Avatar State and calling on his previous lives, his most recent life was spared. However, existing only in the Spirit World is the same as being dead, especially when your body has been lost. While meditating, Aang becomes enlightened and discovers a way to return to the Physical World. In order to do so, he must go against everything he has ever believed in. In order to obtain life, life must be lost. But the life of Aang is also worth the lives of all his incarnations.

Now the Avatar is faced with a difficult decision. Either he stands by and lets the chaos continue, or takes the lives of countless others in order to reobtain his own and have a shot at taking down the Empire. The longer he remains neutral, the more loved ones he must watch perish. With the Avatar reincarnation cycle broken, it is up to Aang to decide the fate of the world.

Script: In seven letters, Faith broke my heart. 9.5/10

Story: Read the fanon. You’ll be glad you did. 9.6/10

Keeps You Reading: I read her ENTIRE published works in about fifteen minutes. Faith, I BEG you to continue production! 9.6/10

Creativity: Again, you’ll have to experience it. 9.5/10

Action: Proves you don’t need major action to have a good story. 9.3/10

Character Development: See “Creativity” and “Story” above. 9.4/10

General Writing: Beautiful. Heartbreakingly beautiful. The emotions invoked just cut you to the very core. One of her latest chapters tore me apart. Amazing. 10/10

Overall: 9.6/10

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