Azula reminisces

This weeks review is Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99.

This story details the story of Azula after her defeat and loss of sanity. After a trial determines she is to be sent to a mental hospital, she soon escapes and runs away to the Earth Kingdom. There she spends five years as a begger, traveling around the Kingdom. While staying at Senlin, a raid alarm is sounded and the Dai Li, under the leadership of Long Feng, arrive to round up earthbenders for forced sevice in the Dai Li.

As Azula runs away from the scene, an agent spots her and Long Feng and his men pursue her. Once they catch up to her, Long Feng discovers who she is and intends to kill her. Azula defeats the agents in a brief but brutal fight and runs away for her life. Though she manages to keep distance from the relentless Dai Li, she slowly begins to slip into insanity again as she continually starts to lose her sleep and health.

At the peak of her weakness, two spirits reveal themselves to Azula; The Guardian and the Devil. These two are the spirits of Azula's warring psyche, who constantly battle for control of Azula's will and soul. After the first great fight between the two, Avatar Roku, Azula's great-grand-father, takes her on a journey through her life. As they watch Azula grow up and be continually twisted by Ozai for his own purposes Azula realizes something.

Though Ozai has corrupted her almost to the point of no return, it is up to Azula to take it upon herself to find redemption.

Though this story started with a bit of a rocky start, I can see that the series is noticably improving in quality and how the author takes the reader into Azula's fractured pysche. Espiecally in the chapter, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", where Azula realizes in a vision that: "Their (Guardian and Devil's) rivalry represented her inner battle, and that the black void represented the empiness of her own phyche, and how others had to fill it in order for her to have a true personality."

Reading this story gives you a chance to really think about what Azula might be thinking as she attempts to piece together her broken mind. I hope to keep seeing this story getting better and better, and watching the improvement that's already taken place has made me excited to be his co-writer for Avatar: The Last Bender.

Story: A

Keeps You Reading: A-

Creativity: A

Action: B+

Azula's Personality: A

Script: B

Character Development: A-

Overall: A-

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

Next Week's Review: The Way Sokka Sees It by Spo55

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