Dai Li agents

This week's review is Avatar: The World's Fate, written by AvatarFreak21

This story details Team Avatar staying at the Western Air Temple after their victory. Having done everything they wanted to do after the War, the team finds themselves with no purpose. All of this changes however when one of the Joo Dee clones arrives and announces that the Dai Li have brainwashed most of the Ba Sing Se population into becoming Anti-Benders.

With the threat of a new war looming, the team finds themselves in a real pickle about what to do. If they defeat the anti benders in Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li would win by using this as propoganda about "bender supremacy". If they don't however, the antibenders will spread and the new war will be unstopable. After a run in with Iroh and some advice, they set out to confront the threat.

Overall, this intriguing story is truly amazing, and possibly serves as a preview and lead up to Legend of Korra. A good read indeed (why yes, I can rhyme).

Story: A

Keeps You Reading: B+

Creativity: A

Plot Twists: A

Script: A-

Character Development: A-

Action: A-

Overall: A-

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

Next Week's Review: The First Anti-Bender by Moon Beam

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