Well, I’m sure most of you have noticed the beginning of the Fanon Review Squad, a user group dedicated to getting reviews of fanons out on the wiki for all to see. The founder of the group, BlackMonkey, contacted me asking to join the group. While I was initially was against it, I’ve decided to join and see how it goes. As such, I will be making a few changes to my reviewing schedule and procedure:

  • I will be doing reviews twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. I will post dates in advance and users can sign up for them on the main user group page.
  • A fanon’s length will determine when it will be reviewed. Shorter fanons will be reviewed first within the three-four day time frame. Longer ones will be given a week for me to review. This is done to ensure that I have enough time to review each fanon and give each the same amount of attention.
  • I am currently involved in my school’s Theatre program, and will be getting a rehearsal schedule in the coming week (hopefully). Dates that are in conflict with my rehearsals, along with other matters that may come up, will be unavailable for reviewing.

Anyway, on to my first review as a member of the Squad, Avatar: Restart, by JuniperAlien.

Fire Fountain City


Months had passed prior to the war being over. The war was now over and the Four Nations can now live together in harmony. Unfortunately, still seeking revenge, three firebenders who want to keep Azula and Ozai's ravenous drive running are amok. The three Firebending Masters go on a rampage to keep the war alive and slowly try to build up an organization called The Solar Ashes. Firelord Zuko sends out messages to the Earth and Water Nation's to send a bender from each nation to capture the Firebenders themselves. The ones chosen were Juniper from the Northern Water Tribe, Hiroshi from the Earth Kingdom, Lloyd from the Fire Nation, and Sumi from the Southern Water Tribe. The group encounters the three firebenders, but it turns out that this mission may be difficult and longer than expected.

Script: It could use a little work. The script gets the point across and is relatively good for a newer fanon, but there is definitely room for improvement. 8.3/10

Story: Well thought out and imaginative. I like the idea of a team of benders from all nations working together. 8.9/10

Keeps You Reading: Honestly, it was a little hard for me to keep reading. It’s story wants you to read more, but it could use a captivating edge to it. 8.0/10

Creativity: I love the names and again, the idea of the team. The thought of having a group out to incite the war again is a little recycled, but you have to remember that the story started in the days that the idea originally was starting. 9.0/10

Action: Gets the point, but could use a little more description. 8.5/10

Character Development: The introduction of the characters is a little rushed, but it is getting better. 8.6/10

General Writing: 8.9/10

Overall: 8.6/10

Next Review: Mysteries of My Past

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