This week’s review is Avatar: Legends of Miyuki, cowritten by AvatarRokusGhost and Moon Beam.

This story is about an Avatar named Miyuki, a thirteen year old girl living in the Fire Nation. After the previous Avatar is killed in a bloody war in the Earth Kingdom, Miyuki is born. When she is two, her mother leaves them and her father goes off to the war, leaving Miyuki with her horrible uncle Bojing. When she accidentally triggers the Avatar State, a group of soliders sets off to protect her and warn her of her identity.

Script: Gets to the point and does a good job doing so. 9.3/10

Story: 9.3/10

Keeps You Reading: Quite easy to keep going in the story. 9.4/10

Creativity: 9.1/10

Action: 9.4/10

Character Development: The pair do a marvelous job describing the horrible uncle and Miyuki. 9.5/10

General Writing: 9.3/10

Overall: 9.3/10

Next Week’s Story: The Avatar Rhythm

No offense is meant by the scores, this is only my opinion as a reviewer.

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