Aang in the Avatar State

This weeks review, a little later than usual, is Avatar: Energy Saga, written by AvatarRokusGhost. To be fair to this fanon and ensure that it gets its full week on the fanon portal, I will be moving my review blog to Saturday.

This story details Team Avatar immediately after the war, starting right off from that famous sunset ending in Ba Sing Se. While at the Jasmine Dragon, Aang has an intriguing conversation with Iroh on the prospect of Energybending, and Iroh points him to Jeong Jeong. When they arrive at his home, he immediately shuts down the idea of Aang learning more and yells at them to leave.

Aang is shocked at the reaction Jeong Jeong gave, and they leave for an Earth Kingdom town to get what is apparently world renowned tea. When they arrive, however, they find the town is being pillaged by a group of bandits. A brief fight ensues, and Team Avatar defeats them all. When Aang goes into the Avatar State to finish the fight, a small pebble whirls towards him, quickly turning into a switch knife.

When they look for the mysterious attacker, however, he is gone, and are only left with an unknown symbol on the weapon. With no leads or purpose in staying together, the team goes their separate ways. Three years later, the team gets back together at the Royal Palace, seemingly at a party. Once they arrive, however, Zuko says that there is a rumor of an assassination attempt on him tonight.

The team defeats the assailants and discover the same symbol on a blade from Zhao’s son, who had led the attack. After the attack, Katara asks Aang to go with him while the others separate, and Aang agrees. A few weeks later, Aang proposes to Katara and they are set to be married. The rest of the current series details Aang’s search for Energybending knowledge and preparations for the marriage.

I honestly can say that just from looking at it you can tell that a LOT of work and thought has gone into this book. This series does what no other does and takes you into the mysteries of Energybending and gives it so much more than just taking away or giving bending abilities. Its plot twists are amazing and its character development….oh my. Out of all the series I’ve read I don’t think I’ve ever seen a marriage between Aang and Katara. It was awesome…nuff said.

Overall, this is a truly epic series that takes you into the uncertain future after the war and gives it something I as a reader have never seen before in a story. Amazing.

Story: A+

Keeps You Reading: B+

Creativity: A++ (I don't think I've ever seen "moves" to Energybending before)

Action: A-

Plot Twists: A

Script: A

Character Development: A+ (I LOVED the proposal and wedding, it was amazing)

Overall: A

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

Next Week's Review: When Air Nomads Walked the Earth by The Ultimate Waterbender

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