Earth Kingdom ravaged

This week's review is Avatar: Centennial Embers, written by Avatar Kuruk 1.

This story details Team Avatar immediately after the end of the series. Zuko and Mai are preparing to leave to find Ursa. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Avatar are summoned by the Council of Five to find Earth King Kuei in light of a possible peasant uprising in Ba Sing Se. Zuko and Mai face delays at Ba Sing Se while Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph leave to get the assistance of June the bounty hunter.

On the way, they run into a small town still controlled by a Fire Nation general. After liberating it, they discover that the Fire Nation may not have left all the towns they controlled after the War ended, and decide to put aside their quest for Kuei in favor of liberating the towns. Zuko and Mai meanwhile go to their only lead on Ursa. Zuko spots a White Lotus member in the town and earns his trust by using the same tactics Iroh had used back in the desert. With the Order’s information, they learb that Ursa had planned to go along the Southern Mountains before going to Ba Sing Se. With this uplifting information, they set out after her.

I’ve reviewed a lot of stories now, and most of them are decent, respectable stories. But I have to say that out of all the brand new stories I’ve read, this is one of the highest quality in terms of script and story. It offers yet another creative turn in the further adventures of Team Avatar. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of “Guardian” or “Life After the War”, well done Avatar Kuruk 1!

Story: A

Keeps You Reading: A

Creativity: A

Plot Twists: A-

Script: A

Character Development: A-

Action: A

Overall: A

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

Next Week's Review: Fleeting Peace by Sirius13

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