Elemental tornado

This week’s review is Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth, written by Mageddon725.

Peace has come to the four nations at last with Ozai's defeat and subsequent imprisonment by Avatar Aang. Now the gang has begun to relax, but new dangers lurk on the horizon. An enemy no one even knew existed wants to restore the Earth Kingdom, at the price of the Fire Nation! Meanwhile, Zuko has to deal with Fire Nation zealots that want the war to continue. In the midst of all this, a struggling Earthbender named Yun Zhen has been dropped in the middle of this oncoming clash, a clash only Team Avatar and friends can stop.

I’m honestly amazed at the quality of this story. It’s clever, excellent, brilliantly written, and features a story that I’m sure no one has thought of before. I will be sure to continue reading this story and to recommend this to anyone looking for a genius story.

Script: From the start, it’s believable and well written. 9.6/10

Story: Like I said with Guardian, it defines itself as so much more than a continuation story. 9.2/10

Keeps You Reading: I couldn’t stop. I just kept wanting more. 9.3/10

Creativity: 9.4/10

Action: Brilliantly described. Paints a real picture that makes you really imagine what’s going on. 9.2/10

Character Development: I love the new main character. His personality and history just makes you want to like him. The author also does a great job at portraying the other characters already introduced, and bringing new life to them through this story. 9.4/10

General Writing: 9.5/10

Overall: 9.4/10

Next Week’s Story: Avatar: Legends of Miyuki

No offense is meant by the scores, this is only my opinion as a reviewer.

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