This week’s review is Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised, or A:TLAR, written by Lovelyb0nes.

This story is the author’s rewriting of the original series. It takes the original plot and characters, and rewrites it all. With new character personalities, a rearranged story, new locations, and a total overall new feel to a classic show, this is truly one of the most original and intriguing series I’ve come across on the wiki.

Script: Very descriptive and full of details. While the philosophy that is often cited in the story is wise and very thought provoking, the repeated use of it tends to make the story slow down a bit. Other than that, the script is very well done. 8.9/10

Story: The rearranged plot is pieced together very well. A few of his episodes I’ve liked better than the originals. 9.3/10

Keeps You Reading: It is a little hard to start at times, but once it gets going it really sucks you in. 8.2/10

Creativity: Amazing. Truly amazing. I especially liked his renditions of Toph and Xin Fu. 9.2/10

Action: Well described and paints a great picture. 9.4/10

Character Development: Characters are easy to bond and connect with. Although their shipping catches me off guard at times, it’s handled very maturely. 8.8/10

General Writing: 9.1/10

Overall: 9.0/10

Next Week’s Review: Footsteps in the Dark by Metalarmor

No offense is meant by the scores, this is only my opinion as a reviewer.

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