First off, I must apoligize to Nathan Miranda for being so late on this review. I appreciate his patience greatly.

This week's review is Those Bored Eyes, a firsthand telling of Mai's experience during the story. Not much is to be said about the story, I can only recommend you to read an interesting view on Mai's take of the journey. Now on to the review!

Script: I've noticed that at times it doesn't match what's said in the actual episodes. With that exception, the script is believable and well written. 8.3/10

Story: The added information provide information that was left to be desired between the episodes. Well done. 8.5/10

Keeps You Reading: I had trouble continuing at first, but it has improved greatly over time. 8.4/10

Creativity: 8.6/10

Action: Short, but it covers what was shown in the series. 8.0/10

Character Development/Personality: Mai and Ty Lee are great. Nathan's writing excellently describes Mai's bland look at life, and also provides a hint about what might be really going on inside her head. Same with Ty Lee, in particular with her feelings about leaving the circus to join Azula. Azula seems a little out of character at times, but the rest of when she's seen is good. 8.1/10

General Writing: 8.7/10

Overall: 8.3/10

No offense is meant by the scores, this is only my opinion as a reviewer.

Next Week’s Review: A:TLAR by Lovelyb0nes

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