Ending at Ba Sing Se

This week's review is Life After the War, co-written by Tara22 and Moph93.

This story details Team Avatar after the end of the series. Zuko and Mai come to Ba Sing Se to announce to the group of their impending marriage. Before they actually share the happy news, they are interrupted by an ambush team consisting of Azula, Ozai, Jet, and Hama. Concerned about this new threat, the team rushes to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to prepare to confront them.

When they arrive at the palace, Zuko snaps at Sokka’s laid back attitude to the threat. He yells at him, calling him “just the boomerang guy” and that he needs to grow up. Heartbroken, Sokka leaves with Suki and Appa for the Southern Water Tribe to prove to Hakoda that he’s ready to lead the tribe. The team sets out after them in concern for their safety, first making a stop at Ba Sing Se to visit Iroh.

Overall, this story by these two writers offers a new perspective of a team of villains against Team Avatar, instead of a single person acting for their own benefit. Although only four chapters have been released so far, I can tell this story is forth waiting for as these Moph and Tara etch their own tale of the further adventures of Team Avatar.

Story: A

Keeps You Reading: A-

Creativity: A

Plot Twists: A-

Script: A-

Character Development: A-

Action: B+

Overall: A-

No offense is intended at all by the grades, this is only my opinion as a critic.

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