Well, the quote up there pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

I’ve been meaning to do a review on Avatar: Guardian for a while now. I planned on doing so way back when the finale came out, but my schedule was filled up. And now, five months later I finally get to review one of my favorite series on the wiki.

Avatar: Guardian, written by The Bos, is the continuing adventures of Team Avatar. As the story begins, Team Avatar is investigating natural disasters; A fire in the Earth Kingdom, a collapse at the Fire Nation Capitol, and finally a flood of the village Jang Hui. While discussing them, Aang releases the events are interconnected, and turns to Zuko.

While sharing their knowledge, an explosion rocks the capitol. They rush to the prison and find a force of firebenders dressed in black. As if that were not enough, Ozai is gone. After some investigation and an attack by the Dai Li, they determine that the disasters and breakout are because of three organizations:

The Firefighters: A group of waterbenders seeking revenge on the Fire Nation. They are led by a vengeful waterbender named Mitros, who believes he was given a vision by the Ocean Spirit to destroy the Fire Nation.

The Dai Li: Seeking revenge for their defeat and shaming after being disbanded, this group is roaming the Earth Kingdom, persecuting villages and searching for the Earth King. They are led by Long Feng, who was freed during the Liberation of Ba Sing Se by Dai Li agents in the city.

The Phoenix Warriors: These firebenders are supremacists who believe that Zuko is not rightfully the Fire Lord and that the Fire Nation should’ve won the war. They are responsible for the breakout of Ozai. They are led by Jiang Rha, a former admiral who was a top advisor for Ozai. He is the brother of Yon Rha.

Team Avatar sets off to confront the threats. Along the way, they find old friends, meet new people, revisit familiar places, and go on a journey to rival all others.

Avatar: Guardian has always been one of my favorite, if not my favorite series. It has inspired who knows how many writers to start their own story. Filled with subplots, familiar characters, and new ones you’re bound to love, I would recommend this, along with his new story to anyone.

I’ll be using this new scoring system in my reviews from now on. I feel that it’s a little more accurate than letter grades.

Script: It started out ok at first, and ended up turning into pure wisdom and poetry. 9.5/10

Story: There’re SO many stories about the continuing adventures of Team Avatar. Even with all that competition, Guardian gives you something different than your average story. 9.6/10

Keeps You Reading: There’s a plot twist, cliffhanger, or just a good ending to always make you want to read more. 9.8/10

Creativity: Read the series! You’ll find out ;) The only thing that bothered me was the repeated use of a Toph animation, along with a picture of her earth tent. Other than that, I was amazed at his creativity. 9.4/10

Action: Chapters have been compared to an action movie. Nuff said. 9.5/10

Character Development: Really, I felt more bonded to the villain’s stories than the heroes. Especially Mitros, you could really feel the emotion from him as he led his men to what he believed was a worthy cause. 9.2/10

General Writing: Need I say more? 9.6/10

Overall: 9.7/10

No offense is meant by the scores, this is only my opinion as a reviewer.

Next Week’s Review: Those Bored Eyes (Mai's Story) by Nathan Miranda

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