The Great War sprung many months ago, weeks before the show even had a release date. The Makorrian and Borran forces quickly grew in power, using limited knowledge, fanon and pictures (which were mostly fan art) to back their causes. The skirmishes started small; they slowly grew, but nobody paid attention, as most had lived through the days of the Kataang-Zutarian campaigns. However, the tide turned when the premiere day came.

The shipping forces grew ever stronger, leaking and spreading in the Avatar Wiki comments sections that we call home. The fanons, roleplays, arguments and fangirls continued to multiply, and soon you couldn't scroll down the page without tripping over an "I LOVE MAKORRA <3 <3" or a Borran telling off a Mako fan. But that all changed on the day of the fourth episode.

The Masami forces swept in faster than the German Blitzkrieg, overwhelming the Borrans in number and strength, taking their place as the second great power in the Second Great Shipping War, reaching neck-to-neck with the Makorrians. The battles rage on, the Borrans holding their numbers and remaining proudly as the third most influental power, while we can only sit back and watch as the Masamis and the Makorrians race to decide the fate of their beloved Mako. Which Great Power will claim victory as the canon relationship in the end? Only time will tell, and until that day, all we can do is watch and pray that our loved ones don't become victims of war...

And, as the fifth episode of the Korra saga is revealed, the battles shall only increase tenfold... The Borrans now have legitimate proof of their ship, and we only have a matter of time before they use these reinforcement and supplyment to their advantage. A great divide has been driven; the Masamians used the ultimate weapon of current canon to prove that the Makorrans as false; surely, the tide will soon turn, and the Borrans and Masamis will surely come out as the top two reigning powers. However, as the episode goes on, drama and tension rises between all the ships. We must wait, watch and observe as to whom will rise to the pinnacle of the Second Great Shipping War. The drama will make this warground chaotic and confusing. We must stay as far from the battlegrounds, lest we get caught in the furious crossfire....

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