Welcome one and all to the fourth installment of my Nostalgiblog series. Today, I'll be looking at a topic similar to my first Nostalgiblog on Kataang. Every now and then, I see Zutara shippers pop up on the Wiki, arguing not just for their ship in general, but for its canonicity, saying that it was true and intentional from the beginning. I'm aware that these people are a minority, but it feels necessary to at least address the problem itself, which is what I intend to do.

Now, before I start, I'd like to make this explicitly clear: I am, in NO WAY whatsoever, in support of or against any shipping post throughout this blog. Any inflammatory, trolling, or disrespectful comments are unwelcome. I don't care if you personally prefer the pairing of Zuko and Katara over Aang and Katara. Ship her with Haru, with Jet, with the explosives guy from the Rough Rhinos; I don't care what you personally ship in any way. This blog is just meant to address Zutara in canonical regards when they have no place in doing so. If you have a differing opinion and wish to post an intelligent response in the comments, then by all means, feel free to do so.

Without further ado, let's get to the blog.

Common Zutara Canon Arguments

"Aang isn't Katara's type/vice versa." This one leans a bit more towards personal opinion, but I'll look at it anyway. Not each other's types? How so? I still have yet to see anyone who can back that up with any logic. Katara's motherly nature compliments Aang's childish one in that she worries for and wants to protect him and care for him, and Aang sees her as a figure for support and guidance. Both of them are confident, motivated and loyal; Zuko, being the more "troubled past" "bad boy" sort of character appeals to the general masses, which is one of the reasons why books like Twilight are seeing such rise, but I'd like to think Katara isn't shallow enough to be attracted by simply that. I know Zuko is far deeper than just that, but that would be the only attractive qualities to Katara, since for the rest of the show they aren't exactly spending time to get to know each other.

"What about that part when Zuko finds her necklace and when June calls Katara his girlfriend?" Yes, I've actually seen that as an actual argument before. And I responded, saying that Zuko was merely using the necklace as bait so he could get to Aang. Capturing the Avatar was pretty much his only motivation throughout season one. And I can't believe I have to point out that June teasing Zuko isn't a Zutara moment...

"There was that time in the crystal catacombs, and what about the Southern Raiders episode?" Ah, yes, the most common support of any Zutara supporter. The crystal catacombs was one of their few interactions that didn't involve them trying to kill each other. She was connecting to him because they both had lost their mothers to the Fire Nation, and made it seem that his scar was the only thing keeping him attached to his past. That moment turned into nothing to her, as proved at the end of The Western Air Temple. The Southern Raiders was making amends to that, Katara finally forgiving Zuko for what happened, and nothing more.

Final Points

Some of you may remember an Avatar Extra that stated "Zuko was originally going to be the love interest for Katara. She does like bad boys." The Avatar Extras aren't exactly a creditable source, however. They have had many of mistakes and false statements, this being one of them, proven in the "goofs" section of the Avatar Extras article. " 'Sozin's Comet: The Final Battle' Michael and Bryan state that they never intended for Zuko and Katara to get together."

I could go into a more thorough analysis of Kataang itself, but I already went over that that in the aforementioned first Nostalgiblog post. And since Zutara doesn't have much of anything to talk about, all that's left to go over is my final point.

I am personally a strict Avatar canonist. I have no dealings with fan fictions or other fan art, but am certainly not opposed to them in any way, regardless of the ship. However, when it comes to canon itself, I don't agree with those who try to alter the meaning or distort scenes from the show to say what they want them to say. Which is why this blog is here in the first place. My last point is this: regardless of what happened in the show, Katara and Aang are the end-all shipping pair. The first series ends on Kataang, the books bridging the gap between A:TLA and LoK perpetuate that relationship, and in the Legend of Korra, it's shown that Katara and Aang not only stay together, but have 3 children together. And that's the end of it.


No matter what you interpret the scenes from the first series as, no matter what you want to be reality, canon remains true until proven otherwise. And since nothing has shown to have any sort of opposition to Katara and Aang's relationship, we can't assume anything else. So, Zutara fans will have to stick to fan fictions and AMVs. Don't get me wrong though, there isn't anything wrong with fanon. I've seen some very well written fanfics, some that I even prefer more than the canon. But, like it or not, canon is what it is, and we must accept it as such.

So, that's the end of my blog on Zutara. This isn't meant to offend, so I apologize if it did. If you agree or disagree with anything I said, feel free to post your own opinion in the comments below. All I ask is that you keep it civil and respectful towards the blog itself and anyone else in the comments below.

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