Since my last two blogs have gotten far more popular than I expected, I decided to start a weekly blog series. These will continue as long as people still seem to enjoy them and that they cause what I'm looking for: entertainment and intelligent discussion. If all goes well, you can look forward to another Nostalgiblog next week.

Since this is the first part of the Nostalgiblog series, I'll explain to you all exactly what they'll be about. Since we're going to have a long wait until the next season of LoK comes out (rumored to be anywhere from January to April next year), I thought that we should go back and take a look at the previous series and recover some interesting topics, back during the days when Avatar just came out. This week, in relation to my blog on Masami, I'm going to be looking at the most popular and supported relationship in the entire first series: Kataang.

If you know me, you know I don't support much, if any, shipping. None of the relationships were enough to pull me in, and all the hate from the Shipping Wars drove me even further. But before the days of me getting involved with this Wiki, or even getting involved with muhc of the internet, I enjoyed Kataang quite a lot. The hate was much less back then, because it's main competitor was Zutara, which was completely constructed around a minute-long scene and ceased to exist beyond that.

Now, back on topic. I'm sure some of my viewers haven't watched the original series, because Korra has drawn in so many more fans. This blog may not be too interesting to that audience, but I hope you'll stick around anyway. I personally find Kataang to be one of the most nostalgic parts of the original series; I can still remember the first time I watched the Cave of Two Lovers, The Fortune Teller, and all those episodes in season 3. One thing I enjoyed about Kataang was how they reacted to it. Aang is usually a carefree, laid back guy, confident and focused on his goal. Him dealing with a relationship completely changes that. In no other instance has he ever not had the right thing to say; Katara, however, makes him trip over his own words like literally nothing else does. In addition, I don't think I've ever seen Aang look more defeated then he did when he accidentally burned Katara in The Deserter; it almost seemed to be at the level of despair he had at the end of the Invasion and in the middle of the fight with Ozai. This really opened up how much Aang cared for Katara's well-being, and even after he realized he could heal herself, he swore never to firebend again (which sort of dissipated).

The same goes for Katara. She's a motherly, gentle, passionate person, who is also confident in what she says and what she believes, but Aang also switches that up. I don't think she herself realized she liked Aang until he kissed her during the Invasion; it was hinted at in the Fortune Teller, but never really explored further until the second half of season 3.

I also like the graduality of the development of the relationship; an episode hinting at it here or there, while we see the main characters mature and grow up more. I know that LoK was shorter and didn't have the time to do anything like the original series, but that's a whole different subject. I also really liked how even the romantic-themed episodes weren't entirely romantic, like how Episode 5 was for Korra; The Cave of Two Lovers focused on the legends of Earthbending and brought in some interesting secondary characters; The Guru was more about Aang becoming a fully realized Avatar and the struggles he had to go through and the things he had to give up to achieve his destiny. That's what I liked the best; I myself am not a fan of drama shows at all; a little romance is fine, but if the entire subtext of the show is filled with sexual tension, then it gets pretty boring to me. The original series pretty much perfected the romance and made it enjoyable in the midst of many other important themes and subplots.

That's all I have to say about Kataang. I could hyperanalyze every episode that even hinted at Kataang and make a full-blown research project essay, but I have enough work to do in school as it is. That also isn't the purpose of this blog. I've talked more than enough; I want to know what you think. What's your opinion on Kataang? What did you like about it, or what annoyed you? Anything to add? Please, feel free to comment or start any discussions in the comments below. All I ask is that you keep it civil and on-topic. Hope you enjoyed, and see you all later!

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