After the near fallout that we all know as Episode 5, the fatalities decreased and destruction faltered. The internal strife within the Masamian forces resulted in their crumbling defenses, deteriorating their resources and morale. As the days go on, the Borran forces fall from a strong force to a dwindling nuisance, and now to a faded memory. The bulk of their men flee their camps as they realize they have no fighting chance against the forces towering over them; fleeing to support their ship independently, join the two superpowers, or give it all up entirely.

With the Masamian defenses crippled, the Makorrans see their chance. They organize a diverse infiltration and attack on their shipping counterpart, and the outcome is obvious; thousands captured, forced into corners where they cannot escape, their canon facts and apparent outcomes taking down individuals left and right. The Masamians now remain few and dispersed, and the victors are named; at the resolution of the show's finale, the Makorrans take down the final Masamian stronghold, showing that their ship is canon and fact. They remain in control of the shipping lands, but this isn't the end. As the second season emboldens on the horizon, new, independent ships pop up, and the Borran and Masamian forces still remain, albeit innumerous. We can only wait and watch what comes in the future, and hope it doesn't become as deadly as conflicts past...

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