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September 28, 2010
  • I live in An ocean of schoolwork
  • My occupation is Putting out hate, discussing things of minor to no significance, and typing a heck of a lot.
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  • Milesprower77

    Welcome one and all to the fourth installment of my Nostalgiblog series. Today, I'll be looking at a topic similar to my first Nostalgiblog on Kataang. Every now and then, I see Zutara shippers pop up on the Wiki, arguing not just for their ship in general, but for its canonicity, saying that it was true and intentional from the beginning. I'm aware that these people are a minority, but it feels necessary to at least address the problem itself, which is what I intend to do.

    Now, before I start, I'd like to make this explicitly clear: I am, in NO WAY whatsoever, in support of or against any shipping post throughout this blog. Any inflammatory, trolling, or disrespectful comments are unwelcome. I don't care if you personally prefer the pairing …

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  • Milesprower77

    Welcome to the third installment of my Avatar Nostalgiblog series. If you're not familiar with what it is, it's basically me looking back towards the Legend of Korra's predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender during the absence of anything Avatar-related going on. I look back towards a topic that interests me and talk about it for a while, and then ask what you think on the subject. Originally, I intended this blog to be a weekly series, but I realized that ideas can't be scheduled, so I don't intend to schedule them. The amount and frequency of these blogs do depend on their success/popularity, but even then, don't expect a new blog every week, or even every month. I may also talk about some things outside of this beta-series, like I have …

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  • Milesprower77

    A topic I saw recently in a comment interested me, and got me thinking about the old The Last Airbender movie by M. Night, widely regarded by the fanbase here as a failure. It also got me thinking about film adaptations of books and series' in general. I don't want to beat a dead horse, so I'll broaden this beyond a rant on the ATLA movie. I'll be touching upon the few book/series adaptation movies I've seen, and discussing which one I think is the worst.

    Before I start the blog, though, I'd like to say something. If any of you've seen my Nostalgiblog series and were wondering where it went, I'm sorry for not keeping my word to do weekly posts. I was going to do one, but I started feeling sick and stressed out, and my homework load started …

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  • Milesprower77

    Welcome to the second part of The Avatar Nostalgiblog. Since my last blog as done far better than expected, being third in the Popular Blog Posts (it was second for most of the week), I've decided to continue the weekly series as long as nothing comes up and my homework load doesn't rise above waist level. So, expect these most every Friday/Saturday with a new topic to discuss.

    As you can probably guess by the title, I'm going slightly away from my last two blog post topics; we're drifting away from relationships (since Kataang is really the only major one from the first series) and focusing on everybody's favorite boomerang-throwing, sarcastic-joke spewing, meat-loving, space-sword wielding Water Tribe Warrior, Sokka.

    Before we get started,…

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  • Milesprower77

    Since my last two blogs have gotten far more popular than I expected, I decided to start a weekly blog series. These will continue as long as people still seem to enjoy them and that they cause what I'm looking for: entertainment and intelligent discussion. If all goes well, you can look forward to another Nostalgiblog next week.

    Since this is the first part of the Nostalgiblog series, I'll explain to you all exactly what they'll be about. Since we're going to have a long wait until the next season of LoK comes out (rumored to be anywhere from January to April next year), I thought that we should go back and take a look at the previous series and recover some interesting topics, back during the days when Avatar just came out. This week, in …

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