Chapter 6

I'm writing a new Fanon called The Rise of Haman. The first six chapters are completed and you can check it out here (The Rise of Haman: Book 1 Light) In case you missed my last post, here's a recap.

My fanon continues the adventures of Korra, it takes place three years after the Anti-Benders are defeated by Korra. She gets her powers stolen from her during an intense battle with a firebender named Haman.(Somehow he learned Energy bending.) Then Korra goes missing, and a fire nation woman, named Aya, gathers a team to search for a legendary Lightbending scroll. But Haman is searching for it too. If Haman finds it first he will be virtually unstoppable.

What is Haman's plan? He wants to unite the four nations, turning them into one worldwide Kingdom. And everyone will be under his rule. This, he believes, is the only way to end the possibility of another hundred year war.

And by the way Aya hates Haman's guts and wants to kill him.

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