Alright, you ever-so-wise Fanon Admins, pay attention. I have had a thought. Since they are few and far-between, I'd appreciate an audience.

As you know, I've recently returned to the wiki after a long hiatus and so to catch up on the new fanons, I went through the featured fanon list and noticed that we have several months without featured fanons or articles. I can only assume this means the most recently featured fanon remains on the front page until a new one is nominated. I think this makes our front page stale and out-of-date, and frankly, we can do better.

While this obviously doesn't apply for this month, since after reading only a couple chapters of Alone, I can tell it very much deserves its spot on the front page, I think we can all agree that there only a limited number of fanons here that deserve that prestigious spot on our front page, but letting one fanon, no matter how good it is, sit there for however long it takes for another one to show up... Well, I don't think that's fair either.

So, I'd like to suggest RE-featuring fanons. Not any old fanon, mind you, but one that has been featured before, but maybe deserves a little extra love at the moment. Take Wanted, for example, it's wildly popular and it's finally coming to an epic conclusion, doesn't it deserve another month in the limelight?

Let me state outright that fanons that have not been featured yet should always take precedence over ones who have already had the honor, but for months when we don't have a new one up to the standard, I don't see the harm in putting a previously featured one that is worthy of something a little extra in that given month, if only so we can keep our front page dynamic every month.

'Twas just a thought. Please discuss.

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