So, I'm writing this blog so I can share with everyone what I'm working on right now and my plans for the future. I just wanted so people know what I'm doing and so they can give suggestions and such. I am NOT *repeat NOT* writing this blog to get a badge. Bloody things. This is all organized into three main sessions.

Child of Destiny

Obviously, this is my main priority and biggest project right now. I've got the entire thing completely planned out, chapter by chapter. It's all about writing it now. Expect some amazing plot twists that I hope you don't see coming, as well as some epic fight scenes with some of your favorite characters. Hopefully, you will all very much enjoy it, though the story is going to get a lot darker starting from the end of book one. Expect deaths, blood, torture and some pretty intense stuff you'd never see in a cartoon show. Still, I really, really hope you guys still enjoy it as much as you have been.

The story will have 30 chapters - 10 in each book, which are named Book1:Fear, Book2:Anger, and Book3:Hope, and we're only three chapters away from the end of Book1! YAY! I know, it's shorter than most fanons, but I have long chapters and little filler, so I'm hoping you'll all be satisfied. Some things you can look forward to in Book2? A flashback chapter for Wuoyan, the return of Captain Hydros (in a much more important role), Aang's greatest challenge yet, a new original villain and the Cult's most ambitious and evil actions yet.

I'm working on character pages, which I'll do my best to keep updated. I may or may not move onto event pages after that... If any of you want to help me make pages for these, please feel free - all I ask is that you let me know if you do! Also, do you guys like the artwork? I can take it down or produce more if you guys like or dislike it.

Clash of Worlds 3

So, I am absolutely stoked to have been asked by the genius fanon writers behind the Clash of Worlds series to take part in the third installment. I really don't many of the specifics yet or when I need to start writing, but I am really, really excited to have been asked and am really looking forward to giving comedy a try. I'm not entirely sure who from Child of Destiny will be appearing in the story, but I think some of my original characters will be featured including Shaoshang and Diyi.

The Junction Arms

Third and foremost, I've been inspired to possibly start another series, but probably not until after I finish CoD. It takes a page out of Dudewaldo04's book with a collection of short stories. However, here's my idea... I'm going to create an original bunch of characters who run a pub/tavern/inn called the Junction Arms. It's sort of in the middle of nowhere and so the people who visit will be people from all around, mostly travelers and adventurers, and every single one will have a story to tell. See where I'm going with this? Every visitor to the pub will have a short story, so every chapter will be a different character's story.

I'd really like some feedback on the idea because it would be cool because other people could come in and right a story or two with their own characters who come into the pub! Let me know what you guys think.

Anyway, I'm done. I just wanted to write down my thoughts and see if I could get some feedback, so let me know!!

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