So, those of you who read, I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of book two. Thank all of you for reading. Chapter two is well on the way.

However, someone commented there were a lot of grammar issues and such in my latest chapter... which really upsets me. Not because I'm insulted or anything, it's just that I put a lot of work into writing Child of Destiny and, since I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of stuff, I've decided to no longer trust myself with editing my story.

So, I'd really like one or two people to start editing my chapters before I publish them (and edit the old ones that are already out). Anyone who's willing to do this for me, please leave a comment and I'll decide who it'll be by the quality of your own fanon. Avatar, I know you've offered before, I just figured I'd throw it out to everybody.

Obviously, I'd be willing to edit or guest write for the person who helps me out here. Let me know and thanks in advance guys!

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