So, as most of you guys know, it's been a really, really long few weeks for me.

For those of you in the dark, a little while ago, my mate and I got in a pretty horrific car accident. We both ended up in the hospital and, eventually, we were released. Then, a few weeks ago, when my recovery was going wonderfully, I developed a complication from the ER treatment they performed and I went back into the ICU for another several days. Finally, I've made it back home and the majority of my life is in shambles... but I'm dealing and I want to get back to the community here and back to writing Child of Destiny as soon as I can.

Is it as simple as that? Not really. Mostly because I'm working with only one hand, and it's my left one at that. Typing anything is a long and tedious task and physically writing or sketching (the way I take notes or brainstorm for my stories) is nigh impossible. As you can imagine, going from about 100 WPM to around 20 is incredibly frustrating, so don't expect my chapters to have any sense of punctuality to them right now... Some days I can manage typing for a couple hours and sometimes I just can't take it. Still, again, I'm dealing. The next chapter of Child of Destiny (a nice big showdown chapter I might add) is about halfway finished and I'm hoping to get it done within the next couple weeks.

So, on a happier note... I won! I'm really thrilled to have Nathan Miranda's writing contest and even more so that he was willing to give me such a huge amount of leeway for me to be able to enter despite everything. The short story itself was one of the weirder things I've ever written and was inspired by my own chance encounter with a serious schizophrenic a couple years ago. So, I'm honored to have won, especially against such talented writers like TAD and Sirius, and I hope neither of you feel too slighted that I had so much extra time on the contest. I can't wait to read your entries!

As for the Common Series Project, I know Rassilon, our esteemed head writer, is away and all the delays are partially my fault, but if we want to get this done and I'm sure we do, we need to get the ball rolling at more than a snail's pace. If it's OK with you guys (Rassilon especially), I'd like to compile a character outline for each ofour three main characters based on what Rassilon has discussed with you guys and sent to me. Then, I'll send that out and let you dissect it, change it and rip it apart until we have our characters, when that's done, I have a feeling things will start falling into place.

And finally, Clash of Worlds 4, I haven't heard anything in a good long time now for very obvious reasons, can anyone catch me up with anything and everything?

Anyway, it's good to be back guys, for real this time. Hopefully I'll get to speak to all of you properly soon.

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