Chapter four is up! I've already received some positive reviews, so please read and leave another one. Or a criticism. Or whatever.

Now, the next part of this blog spoils the chapter a little bit, so read the chapter first.


On the talk page, I've been asked whether Azula is dead. I deliberately left the chapter ambiguous here. I am very much going for a mystery-type story, where the reader (that's you) is never fully sure of everything that is going on in the story because I will reveal it in a later chapter for a big surprise. It's why I haven't posted any synopsis for the story or anything similar because I do want there to be an element of shock when I reveal that twist in the tale. I'm also trying to leave clues to the final outcome, though I'll admit I'm not doing a great job at that. Practice makes perfect I guess. All that said - Azula is one of my favorite characters in the show and, deceased or no, I guarantee you will be seeing her again.

Other questions you should be asking yourself (and please let me know if this wasn't clear, constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated) are:

Who kidnapped Diyi? How is Zhao still alive? What message is Liang delivering for Yue? Why does Zhao suddenly have blonde hair? What did Iroh mean about the frost coming?

All of these have answers and all will be revealed in due time. I hope this answers the question and gives you some insight into what I'm trying to achieve with the story. Chapter 5 will be out soon - tentatively titled The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island, although that may change... it's time to meet the final members of the Gaang...

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