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May 2, 2010
  • MightyBrit

    So, as most of you guys know, it's been a really, really long few weeks for me.

    For those of you in the dark, a little while ago, my mate and I got in a pretty horrific car accident. We both ended up in the hospital and, eventually, we were released. Then, a few weeks ago, when my recovery was going wonderfully, I developed a complication from the ER treatment they performed and I went back into the ICU for another several days. Finally, I've made it back home and the majority of my life is in shambles... but I'm dealing and I want to get back to the community here and back to writing Child of Destiny as soon as I can.

    Is it as simple as that? Not really. Mostly because I'm working with only one hand, and it's my left one at that. Typing any…

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  • MightyBrit

    First, my grandfather dies and then a couple weeks ago now, I was in a bloody car accident. So, once again, sorry for the delays and such and double sorry for all those guys I promised Clash notes to... Remember that visitor I had to run from the Clash/Common Series Project meeting for. Yeah, well he was bloody driving.

    Anyway, don't give up on me. I am still very much commited to Child of Destiny, Clash of Worlds 4 and the Common Series Project... Just need to get back on my feet first and, sadly, I mean that literally.

    Speak to you all soon. Rassilon, Bones, please send me any updates on everything to my e-mail, will ya?

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  • MightyBrit


    May 22, 2011 by MightyBrit

    Forgive me folks. I haven't been very active recently and I've missed several meeting for the various fanon projects I'm involved in... I just lost someone very close to me and I've had to put making sure all of my family is alright before my various hobbies. Rest assured, I'll be returning to the wiki in a few days. I'll be sure to get another chapter of CoD up then as well.

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  • MightyBrit

    New Chapter

    April 29, 2011 by MightyBrit

    The new chapter is out everybody! Please read and review for me. This biweekly schedule is working out great for me, so expect the next chapter in two weeks time. 3 chapters 'til the end of book 2!!! Exciting stuff (at least for me anyway).

    By the way, as of the most recently published chapter, Child of Destiny has gone over 50,000 words!!! If you're curious, the fifty-thousandth word, rather appropriately, was "Aang".

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  • MightyBrit

    Alright, you ever-so-wise Fanon Admins, pay attention. I have had a thought. Since they are few and far-between, I'd appreciate an audience.

    As you know, I've recently returned to the wiki after a long hiatus and so to catch up on the new fanons, I went through the featured fanon list and noticed that we have several months without featured fanons or articles. I can only assume this means the most recently featured fanon remains on the front page until a new one is nominated. I think this makes our front page stale and out-of-date, and frankly, we can do better.

    While this obviously doesn't apply for this month, since after reading only a couple chapters of Alone, I can tell it very much deserves its spot on the front page, I think we can al…

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