"Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts."
— Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Bolin crushed
Listen up, fanon writers. Today, it's time to somber things up around here. My contest isn't some action writing contest, or comedy, or even adventure (this is a response to the first two, but Ratava's contest is awesome, too, so yeah xD)

"This is my tragic story, just the breaking of my heart." ― U-KISS, 0330

That's right. Though it's not necessarily my tragic story, I just wanted to use that quote. This is, however, a contest to try and evoke the most upset reaction from yours truly (and I might even have a vote at the end for others who read the submissions). I'm a pretty emotional reader, but you still need to get me somehow attached to one or more of the characters before breaking my heart. Now, please note that this doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be tragedy, but it probably will be pretty drama heavy.

But MibuWolf, I don't do contests unless I get something out of it.

Curse you materialistic creatures... Well, I might make something for the winners if I feel like it closer to the deadline. And if I do, it'll be pretty awesome. If I don't, meh... No matter what, I'll probably post a picture of my reaction to the winner's submission. I'm hoping for some attractive Bolin-esque crying.


Initially, I wasn't going to have any sort of rules, but where's the fun in that? So get ready to figure out what you'll be writing about.

First of all, let's have you take the first letter of your real-life middle name. Got it? Good. Next, find your letter on the list. The name listed next to your letter will be one of the main characters.

A - Asami

B - Bato

C - Hama

D - Doorman

E - Haru

F - Pakku

G - Gyatso

H - Hakoda

I - Iroh (I or II)

J - Jeong Jeong

K - Skoochy

L - Long Feng

M - Yakone

N - Kyoshi

O - On Ji

P - Piandao

Q - Teo

R - Roku

S - Sozin

T - Kuruk

U - Ursa

V - Smellerbee

W - June

Y - Yangchen

Z - Zhao

Did you think it'd be a walk in the park with main characters? Nope. To make things more fun, I picked out less common characters. There are a couple of gimmes in there, like Doorman, but for the most part I think it's pretty fair.

Step two. Still with me? Next, you are going to take the number of letters in your username. Figure out whether it's an even or odd number of letters, and this will be a theme (note that it doesn't have to be the main theme at all, just has to be present). There will be some overlap, this is just to steer people who are stuck a bit with the character they have.

Odd Number of Letters: Hurtful Past

Even Number of Letters: Longing and/or Loss

And now you have your basic sad story. That wasn't so hard, was it?


Besides following your above guidelines, there's only one rule: you cannot use any events that were shown in either of Legend of Korra or A:TLA or any of the comics. You may use referenced events, just so long as they were not explicitly shown (i.e. no telling events from another perspective).

You have complete freedom other than that. Honestly, I do not have a problem with saucy or otherwise not PG content, just so long as it's not excessive and/or unnecessary. Not too much Gorn (Gore/Porn, in other words modern horror movies) please.

All entries are due by November 1st


I am a bit biased, and there are a few ways to really get to me. First, I'll list methods:

  • Low blows: though I'm a girl, those hits below the waist really get to me...
  • Anticipated Events: if events are entirely predictable, they're not interesting, but they're shocking and not upsetting if they're entirely unpredictable...
  • Deaths: deaths often are a go-to for making something sad, but often times events are much more upsetting if someone doesn't die...

Next, I'll give you some examples of things that have made me cry, and I mean literally cry, not just be really upset (most helpful if you know the references!):

  • AnoHana: if you have seen this anime, you'll understand; in particular, I cried during the scene where Naruko goes back to school after the love hotel, when they went to see Menma's mom, and the very last scene
  • Steins;Gate: besides the obvious for this anime around episode ten, I cried with Kurisu's backstory
  • TRAX - Let You Go: it's a frickin' music video, yet, I cry almost every time I watch it
  • Oh, and I had some attractive Bolin crying in Bleach 511 this week, but that's partially because my cold makes snot drip off my face excessively

Why mostly anime? Because I tried to pick one of a bunch of different sad things and most non-anime things that made me cry are the same in their essence.

Now that I've exposed my pathetically soft underbelly, it's time for me to wrap things up:


As for prizes, at the moment the only prize is honor and eternal glory. If someone wants to make a userbox, that'd be cool, too, but I'm too lazy. You might get a picture of me crying, or a drawing if I feel like it. But isn't the pure happiness that your writing was good enough to make me sad enough? :)


It's good practice! That's about all I can think of, though. Meh, there prolly will be prizes.


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