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MibuWolf signing on here with indisputable proof that I cannot tell the date. Yesterday, *coughcough* I had the pleasure of reviewing one of my favorite fanons: Sons and Daughters by Mageddon725.

Sons and Daughters follows the life of all of the Gaang's children as they face a dangerous threat that we all know and love.

Writing Categories

  • Mistakes/Grammar: 9.3 For the most part, there are very few mistakes. However, most of the mistakes are homophone mix-ups or typos that change the word to be another word--the score is pretty high because there are very few mistakes, but when there are mistakes, it makes reading difficult.
  • General Writing: 8.2 One of the biggest turn-offs for me in writing is beginning too many setences with subjects. It works on occasion, but when almost every sentence begins with a character's name or other noun, it's a bit dull to read. Most sentences follow the formula of "subject (most often a character's name or title), action", or "As subject action, subject action" and doesn't vary much from this. Every now and again, when one character is alone, the structure will vary but it almost always comes back to one of these two structures. However, the score isn't lower because Mage does a good job of showing everything, and giving a clear picture: it's obvious that Mage can see what he wants to happen, and then does an excellent job of translating his thoughts into words.

Writing Score: 8.8... B+

Content Categories

  • Story: 9.3 A fairly predictable after-the-war-following-the-lives-of-the-Gaang's-children fanon, but Mage does have a good amount of twists and turns that really save the series.
  • Characters/Character Development: 8.5 There are a TON of characters. Like, a ton. There are even a ton of main characters. It is really, really hard to develop that many characters. I don't know a single non-professional writer who could, and I know some professional writers who couldn't even develop seven main characters to their fullest potential. It seems like Mage doesn't develop his characters to the fullest, but he does a darn good job of coming close.
  • Genre (Action/Adventure): 9.5 The action is very good, however I don't really get the adventure vibe much from the series. All the action scenes are very, very clear. You can always tell exactly what is going on, and this is a major strength in Mage's writing.

Content Score: 9.1... A-

Content Quality Categories

  • Creativity: 8.5 For the most part, it's what one would think would happen. Adds in elements from the series, and doesn't take too much of a twist off of them. The characters' actions are mostly foreseeable, however it's not all dry. Compared to some after the war fanon's I've glanced over, this one is still a gem.
  • Believability: 9.3 It seems to me that with after-the-war fanons, in this area you can either sacrifice creativity or sacrifice believability. When something is believable for happening after the war, it's not very creative. But when something is creative, it's not that believable. I could see everything that happens in S&D happening in the actual series, save a few canonical facts that were proven after Mage had already begun writing. I only really had one complaint in this section, but saying it would be spoiling. It's pretty darn believable, though.

Content Quality Score: 8.9... B+

Overall Score: 8.9... B+

My Advice for Mageddon: Okay, so my biggest complaint was in the writing. My English teacher was extremely strict on starting too many setences with subjects, but there is a very easy and simple trick to avoiding it: never start more than one sentence in a paragraph with the same word, or do so rarely. Instinctively, if one paragraph is talking about a couple of the same characters, if you avoid starting multiple sentences with the same word, you'll end up varying setence structure AND avoiding starting setences with the subject of the sentence. Other than that, you're doing really well so keep up the good work.

What sort of person would enjoy Sons and Daughters? People who like after the war fanons and particularly people who want to see a pretty believable depiction of life for all of the Gaang's children. Or someone who just likes to read fanon here on the Avatar Wiki, because this one's towards the top.

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