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Political Animals* Stupid hand missing the S

MibuWolf hasn't been getting much sleep. It's almost midnight here and I have to get up before five to go to the gym, hahaha. That's what caffeine is for xD

Anywho, for my review I would like to start out with a little ramble. I absolutely, positively hate political stuff. And I keep spelling "political" "policital". It has the same letters, so it's close enough. But yeah. I really hate politics. With this election, I tried to get interested in what was happening and follow along, but the more I followed along the more I began to hate humanity. Thus, I'm planning on doing a write-in for Abraham Lincoln once I can vote (though he served two terms as President, so I don't think he can run again...) Anyway, why is this applicable to the review? Well, I know that OR is a conservative, and I would be deterred from a political drama fanon written by a conservative or a liberal. Just because I think it's best to approach politics, if at all, from an unbiased viewpoint. So when I saw that OR's political drama was on my review schedule, I was just kinda like... meh. I saw it as a "have-to" review rather than a "get-to" review. But as I started reading... it was surprisingly good. Avatar politics are a lot more interesting than real world politics. Maybe just because I don't have to listen to a bunch of uppity opinions that make me want to lock myself in my basement forever and/or go postal.

Political Animals by Omashu Rocks is a political drama following some after-war strife in the Earth Kingdom regarding leadership. Slight-kind of SPOILER: Kuei is a total d***, Omashu -.-

Writing Categories

  • Mistakes/Grammar: 9.2 There were a handful of distracting typos, but the grammar seemed pretty solid. Just an editing problem.
  • General Writing: 8.5 The writing was pretty bland... just like politics! I felt like the writing, though not spicy or really varied like I usually like it, fit the fanon really well. And that isn't an insult to the plot--if OR wrote with too much flowery language, it wouldn't really get the message across. Still, the writing wasn't the best I've ever seen, but it also wasn't the worst.

Writing Score: 8.9... B+

Content Categories

  • Story: 9.7 Very engaging. I found myself forgetting about the fact that it was a political drama as I was sucked in to the plot. I often skipped over the typos, or missed them, because I was getting so drawn into the story itself. Definitely the highlight of this fanon.
  • Characters/Character Development: 9.0 There really is an interesting cast of characters in the fanon, many of whom have parallels to real life candidates. I like that each one seems to highlight a different problem of politicians, but... I don't see much highlighting of the pluses. Some of the non-candidates are likable characters, but none of the candidates really are, at least in my opinion. I always like a fanon with characters who I like and dislike at the same time, and with most of these characters I just dislike them.
  • Genre (Political Drama): 9.4 I don't really know how to judge this one, as I haven't before. It's political-y and drama-y I guess? To approach this from a more detached viewpoint than my own person opinions, I really feel as though this does a good job of getting into the minds of all the different candidates, I suppose they could be called. Each one has their own dramas and tensions, which I think OR portrays very well. My biggest complaint is that he seems to highlight a lot of their bad sides and not a lot of their good sides, which I think almost (almost) every politician must have... or at least a couple... I just want there to be a character who I don't hate xD

Content Score: 9.4... A

Content Quality Categories

  • Creativity: 8.5 I'm sorry, OR, it has a lot of parallels to real life and it's even named after an existing series. To boot, I don't even really see any political animals in this fanon, as I'm fairly certain the political animals are a reference to donkeys and elephants? I mean, I guess Bei Fong has a flying boar as their sigil (I think sigils are Game of Thrones...), but that's about it. It's also an after war fanon, which is kinda common. But I didn't give it a lower score because I think that, even with all these faults in mind, it is a pretty creative idea to apply our politics today to those of the Avatar World.
  • Believability: 7.9 Honestly, I can't see any of this happening. The likelihood of the Earth Kingdom becoming a democracy is debatable, but I really don't think it would happen as fast as it seemed to in this fanon. Plus you don't just elect someone to be king, as I think happened here--usually elected offices carry a different name, because true monarchy and true democracy don't really mix...

Content Quality Score: 8.2... B-

Overall Score: 8.8... B+

My advice for Omashu Rocks: This fanon is quite good. Most of my big problems with it were more in the foundation than the fanon itself. And I don't want to tell you to change the foundation, because then it would probably undo all the other things that I like about this fanon. My only advice would be to read closely for typos and stuff, I guess. Your grammar is solid, and your writing works out quite well. I'd tell you to make the characters more likable, but that would also kill the story. So yeah. Stuff. I do want to say, though, you should be proud for getting me to be interested in anything that has to do with politics, real or Avatar.

What sort of person would enjoy Political Animals? People following the election, for sure. Then, just people looking for some good drama with prevalent themes to society today.

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