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MibuWolf here... behind... again. I have had no motivation to do anything right now, but it's easier to make myself write a review on an amazing fan fiction than on my horribly dull book for history. I got ten pages into the latter and stopped... that was about a week and a half ago xD It's due on Friday.

Today, I'm reviewing Phantoms by Aritiane. I'd like to start off by saying that you had better be lying about not being a native English speaker, Aritiane, otherwise I will curl up in a hole and die of sadness because I'm pretty sure you're about a hundred times better at writing than I am. You're like Nabokov. One day you're like "I'm going to write in English!" and then you're better than all the other writers for whom it is their native language. As you can guess, this is going to be a mostly raving review.

Writing Categories

  • Mistakes/Grammar: 10.0 I saw none. It took me a couple paragraphs to pick up that it was in British English, but after that the extra Us didn't seem off, haha.
  • General Writing: 9.7 The writing was just amazing. My only real complaint in the writing was that sometimes paragraphs would be block-ish and not very visually easy to read, but I loved all of the content. I adored the philosophical sections, it was a nice break from the usual mindless fan fiction. Really, in reading this, I felt like I was reading a book for English. And I'm the sort of English student who almost B-fails because I get so caught up in the literature. It seemed there was the perfect balance of stuff going on for there to be plot as well as of the wonderful mindful parts. Only reason I didn't give this 11 out of 10 was because of the paragraph spacing. I skip parts of books that get to blockish, and thus I had to go back a couple of times to reread parts I instinctively skipped. It was all excellent, though.

Writing Score: 9.9... A+

Content Categories

  • Story: 9.4 I really liked the story. Because of the blocky paragraphs, I had a bit of a tough time following, but that's mostly just because I have a short attention span. Overall, I felt constantly engaged in what was happening, and always wanted to know what was happening next. Which is always wonderful in a story.
  • Characters/Character Development: 9.6 Though a lot of the characters are canonical, I love his character development. Even more than what the creators will probably do with them. They really felt more mature and thus a little bit more interesting than the mostly happy-go-lucky teenagers in the show on Nick. And yes! I did just say that I like Aritiane's character development more than Bryke's.
  • Genre (Action): 9.5 I would have put the genre as "must-read", but I'll just review the action. Like the rest of the writing, it was superb. Only real complaints are that sometimes the action seems seemed to lag a bit more than everything else, but that's not that bad.

Content Score: 9.5... A

Content Quality Categories

  • Creativity: 9.4 Though he's using mostly canon characters, it's set after the events of LOK, all that stuff that usually leads to a fanon being less creative, I thought that this one was really, really good. Maybe it's just because I was wooed by the writing style, but I thought that the more mature writing style even helped the creativeness. But it still is a continuation, no matter how much I try to sugar coat it...
  • Believability: 8.6 Eh... heh... heh... for how much I love everything about it, I had to be honest, here. All the pluses above mentioned kind of brought the believability down. A continuation of the series wouldn't realistically be this... well, for lack of a better word, good or serious, really. Everything, by the events of the plot of Phantoms, were believable, but in terms of going with the plot of LoK, less so...

Content Quality Score: 9.0... A-

Overall Score: 9.5... A

My Advice for Aritiane: Boiiii, you had better write a novel and get published.

What sort of person would enjoy Phantoms? I'd like to say everyone, because I adore it, but honestly I have to say that only people looking for a pretty in depth and rather serious fanon would really get the most out of Phantoms. If you're looking for a quick and light read, it's not for you. But if you're looking for great quality literature in fan fiction, it's definitely for you.

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