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MibuWolf signing on for a very late review. Between studying for the ACT and being distracted by pretty Korean boys, I'm honestly kind of surprised that I've found any time to log on for this xD Really, though. Whenever I've logged on to do this review in between ACT practice tests, I've gotten caught up being mesmerized by KPop boy bands -_-

But now I'm here, and today I'm reviewing Like an Earthbender by Fruipit. I think my shipping senses are tingling...

Writing Categories

  • Mistakes/Grammar: 7.5 Not much to say here. There were some typos, improper semicolons, and comma spam in there that was a bit distracting.
  • General Writing: 8.7 There were things that I liked and I didn't like. Overall, though, in the second time reading it, I realized that the writing was just like Toph and one of the subjects of the story: straight to the point. The descriptions weren't frivolous and gushy, but kind of just like Toph in that they confronted the topic head-on without skipping around stuff. I don't know if this is intentional, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

Writing Score: 8.1... B-

Content Categories

  • Story: --- I chose to omit this category since there isn't really too much substantive story to look at.
  • Characters/Character Development: 9.7 Fruipit does a good job of portraying the characters in ways that are believable and make sense for them. In fact, contrary to many romance shipping things, I actually could see all of these characters acting as they do. But aside from that, they're not super developed so I docked a couple of tenths.
  • Genre (Romance/Friendship): 8.9 Ehhhh I didn't get too much romance or friendship, honestly... but I guess by modern standards a make-out session counts as romance? However, I did rather enjoy Fruipit's description of the emotions, which played in nicely to the friendship genre.

Content Score: 9.3... A-

Content Quality Categories

  • Creativity: 9.5 It's shipping, but done in a way I haven't really seen before. Instead of going into a lot of oogies, it goes about the romantic relationship between these two in a way that actually works for their characters.
  • Believability: 9.2 I'm not complaining much, but honestly my issue with this sort of fanon is just that I don't believe that these two characters would have this happen at all I guess? At the same time, it's believable in itself, and I'm not really one to judge -cough-

Content Quality Score: 9.4... A

Overall Score: 8.9... B+

My advice for Fruipit: This was actually my favorite of your works so far. I usually despise shipping fanons of characters I don't ship, but this worked well and, despite in its essence being a shipping fanon, I never felt overwhelmed with head-canons. My biggest advice would be to read closely when editing. That, or find another editor--I know that I use mine as a crutch xD If I'm not mistaken, you edit your own fanon; this leaves a lot of room for completely missing stupid typos as well as comma spam that doesn't make sense when re-read.

What sort of person would enjoy Like an Earthbender? Anyone looking for a quick semi-romance read.

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