This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

MibuWolf here. I've finally gotten around to really delving into my own fanon writing, but as a result this review was late D:

Today, I'm looking at Avatar: Into the Light by Agent Slash. It's a sequel to Suki's Story, which confused me at first since I try not to look at the main page's plot synopsis when I'm reviewing...

Writing Categories

  • Mistakes/Grammar: 8.2 Commas oh my god. There were a handful of other mistakes, but the overdose on commas was most distracting...
  • General Writing: 8.0 The writing has improved since the last fanon I reviewed of his, but it still just feels rather stiff to me. Some of the descriptions sound forced, but they're there and overall the writing is a lot more interesting than I felt it was in Suki's Story.

Writing Score: 8.1... B-

Content Categories

  • Story: 7.3 I was largely really confused. There isn't too much to talk about, but I just found myself lost in multiple spots and re-reading.
  • Characters/Character Development: 6.9 There really hasn't been any solid character development thus far. Most of the characters are canonical, but they just feel kind of robotic rather than really emotional.
  • Genre (Action): 9.0 I loved a lot of the action scenes, though. It almost felt like they were written by something else: suddenly I just knew what was happening, and I could easily follow what Slash was trying to say with the action. Slash's Action writing is by far my favorite part of his fanons.

Content Score: 7.7... C+

Content Quality Categories

  • Creativity: 5.9 Thus far, there hasn't been anything really creative. It's just kind of another story following team avatar with a mysterious outside force attacking, which I can't count how many times I've seen...
  • Believability: 7.2 Ehhh... There was a fair amount of dialogue that I just didn't buy, as well as other parts. Does Aang really expect people to worry about his wedding when he was attacking by a mother hugging assassin? It seems... murrr.

Content Quality Score: 6.6... D

Overall Score: 7.5... C

My advice for Agent Slash: Write more. This has a lot of potential, but it's just kind of empty with what you've released so far. In the future, I'd recommend waiting until you feel like you have a solid, meaty story before signing it up for a review. But in the future, get into the characters a bit more. They're just kind of mediocre right now.

What sort of person would enjoy Into the Light? Anyone who is a fan of Slash's works, though I highly recommend you read at least "Suki's Story" first otherwise it will be extremely confusing...

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