So I've decided to hype my fanon a bit more.

Question: Well, why? That seems trollish.

Answer: Because I have that looming feeling that my fanon is unsuccessful with how few fans there are, and with how CRAZY competitive Creative Writing programs are, I should probably be focusing on having more works published through legit sources... Easy fix? To try and hype my fanon more so I don't still have the looming feeling of an unsuccessful fanon :D

Any who, I'm guessing no one cares about my writing career outside the Avatar wiki. So now that I don't have to worry about the FRS application, I'm going to hype EotO more. At least, hype it more for the last thirteen chapters. Haven't read EotO? Not a problem! I have posted PDFs of the Books if you don't have time to sit down and read online, and will have a gap before Book Three for any new readers to catch up.

Also, if readers are interested, I'll open up a "subscription" option. Whenever I release a new chapter (usually weekly), it will be posted to your talk page, along with a preview of the released chapter and a preview of the next, unreleased chapter.

Emblem of the Outlaw is a fanon surrounding the Avatar preceding Korra. In a fully modernized world of Avatar (with big cities, guns, the works), bending is illegal. Portals opened between the spirit and human world, and the humans blamed the benders. Bending is illegal, and all benders are arrested and shipped off to who-knows-where. Ishio and New New Team Avatar, including an ex-Waterbender participant of the now underground, illegal pro-bending matches, an ex-police officer, a Firebending librarian's assistant, and in Book Two an Airbender with a surprising amount of similarities to Ishio. By the end of Book Three, Ishio has mastered three of the four elements, and must now find a way to master Waterbending before he is able to save the world.

Book Three will include:

  • Six to seven chapters of extended fight scenes, bringing the series to an epic close
  • More characters, many of whom are related to and will help with the development of existing characters
  • Scandals. Like, major scandals. My hope is to stun as many readers as possible.
  • Even better writing than the past two books

Book Three Preview:

"Come, little toy soldiers," Sumi's finger curled backwards as he spoke: a gesture intended to egg on his two opponents. A smiled crept across his lips, barely a curve, but enough to send a chill down Tuzo and Meelo's spines.. "March to meet your friends at the gates of the spirit world."

The two glanced over at the nearest fight, August struggling with his great foe. Team Avatar was fighting elsewhere, and here it was up to these two adults to stop this man. Tuzo's fists clenched. Meelo's right foot moved back ever so slightly into a bending stance. Save for their breathing and the sounds of the nearby battle, silence had fallen. No one spoke in the tense preparation. Then, with a small muscle twitch, all three moved at once and their battle began.

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