Those of you who follow my fanon will notice that the trailer is not totally parallel to the series: mostly, I picked characters from other series that looked similar, and action shots that were something along the lines of different actual stuff that will happen or has happened in the series. I feel like it's as accurate of a trailer as I can make without being an animator or something.

If you don't read my fanon, I just finished Book One and Book Two will be starting next week! Lots more will be happening in Book Two, and while it's not very well-known (apparently, due to being on a flight all of yesterday, I also missed out on nominating it for any sort of award... :[) I think it's pretty good and I'm hoping to have it rise more in popularity.

Emblem of the Outlaw follows the life of the young Earthbender succeeding Avatar Korra. Born into a world with imbalances between the Spirit and Human World and Bending is illegal, it's up to the Avatar and his friends to face off against criminals and police alike who all want them dead. In a modernized Avatar world, there are a mixture of firefights, bending battles, and straight up martial arts battles. Drama and deep characterization adds onto the amazing adventure that these teens set on.

Then, a little bit about myself so you can get a picture of me as a writer. I'm a pretty avid writer, though mostly I've done RPing the past couple of years. In the past, I've had a couple of short stories published, though I don't pursue it much. I've also started novels before, and the first book of EotO was my first completed full length novel. This year I am taking a creative writing class in school which inspires me to pursue a career as a writer more and more. Overall, I'd say that this series is my primary inspiration to keep writing, and I hope that everyone can enjoy this series.

Cheers, and I hope that you read the series (if you're not already) or continue to read the series!

Bassoon Ninja (talkcontribs)

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