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A General Notice: Sketchy Circumstances Involving a Username Change

MibuWolf December 5, 2011 User blog:MibuWolf

This doesn't really have anything to do with Avatar or anything, but I thought I should share a little story of why my username will be different soon.

So apparently someone trademarked "Bassoon Ninja". I did some digging into trademarking laws to see if my username was breaking any laws, and I ultimately came to the conclusion that it was weird... My dad's a lawyer, so I pulled him out (because I keep him in a closet and pull him out when I need him for a lawyer-father to daughter-doing-something-that-might-be-illegal talk) and told him the situation. I don't really understand lawyer jargon (guess what career I'm not planning on pursuing?), but ultimately we reached the conclusion that a name change might be safest (since it is possible).

A username I came up with in seventh grade isn't worth a lawsuit and I'd rather be safe than get sued again over something stupid (don't ask). My username will be changed to "MibuWolf" (Shinsengumi <3) in "2 business days", so just a notice. I am still the loveable bassoon player who spends all her time making reeds, playing bassoon, writing EotO, and playing Skyrim.

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