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  • MibuWolf

    signing on, feeling like a total idiot. I had a dream that I did this review, and for the past week or so assumed that it was finished. Needless to say, I was surprised to log on today to do my review of to see that I had not, in fact, actually done this review >~< I'm kind of a mess right now...

    Today, I'm reviewing by . I'd like to start my review off by giving a few words about my thoughts on this fanon. There's isn't a category for effort, but my favorite part about Rokan was how much effort Firebender put into the chapters, with her drawings in literally every chapter. I was never able to get into the series while it was being published, but seeing Firebender's drawings always cheered me up and gave me hope for the level of effort tha…

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  • MibuWolf

    signing on for another late review. I was going to get it done earlier today, but I kept getting distracted by files I found on my computer including some really good drawings I had forgotten about :O Schemes.

    Today, I'm looking at by , a story following the Avatar after Korra in a war torn world...

    • Mistakes/Grammar: 6.7 I noticed quite a few typos and grammar mistakes, many of which served to greatly detract from the overall effect of the writing of the work, which was generally pretty good. More than anything else, it looks like an editor was slipping up with missing pretty obvious typos and easy grammar mistakes.
    • General Writing: 8.5 The Snowbold's writing is very, very descriptive, and this was one thing that I particularly enjoyed. Howev…

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  • MibuWolf

    signing on for a very late review. Between studying for the ACT and being distracted by pretty Korean boys, I'm honestly kind of surprised that I've found any time to log on for this xD Really, though. Whenever I've logged on to do this review in between ACT practice tests, I've gotten caught up being mesmerized by KPop boy bands -_-

    But now I'm here, and today I'm reviewing by . I think my shipping senses are tingling...

    • Mistakes/Grammar: 7.5 Not much to say here. There were some typos, improper semicolons, and comma spam in there that was a bit distracting.
    • General Writing: 8.7 There were things that I liked and I didn't like. Overall, though, in the second time reading it, I realized that the writing was just like Toph and one of the subje…

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  • MibuWolf

    here a couple days late O_o So I got really into writing the next chapter for my fanon and totally blanked on the review.

    Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing what may very well be my favorite fanon on this wiki: by . Aside from my major crush on Argho, there are a lot of things I think Mage does right in his fanon.

    • Mistakes/Grammar: 9.5 Generally, the grammar of the fanon was awesome. There were a few hiccups here and there, but for the most part I didn't seem them unless I was looking for them (which I always am, hurhur).
    • General Writing: 9.0 My biggest problem with Mage's writing in his other works was fixed here. All the sentences were varied and make my heart soar with happiness. You might be asking why I didn't give IAE a full ten ou…

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  • MibuWolf

    here with another review before diving into finals...

    Today, I'm looking at by . I would like to start out by saying I was extremely confused by the chapter progression. I know they are all one-shots, but I found myself rather bewildered at the five different chapters listed on the page, the six in the chapter box which omitted one of the listed, and then the chapter that wasn't listed anywhere that could be found on the scrolling bar at the top. It actually took me longer to figure out what I was reading than to actually read the content. Now, I don't think there's any where I can take points off for this, so I'm just going to say this here: Snip. Figure out the chapter order and make it consistent everywhere throughout your page so that …

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