Last week, it was discovered through various TV listings that Nick was going to air episodes 4 & 5 from Book 3 on the Friday after July 4th. Speculations were made on whether this was going to be an ongoing occurence, however, a recent tweet by Nickelodeon appears to have responded to these theories.

Nickelodeon tweeted :

@reiko4509 At the moment, the schedule is slated to have two new eps air every Friday starting on July 11 at 8pm/7c

— Nickelodeon (@NickelodeonTV)

As a result of this news, the projected schedule for Book 3 looks like this:

  • July 11: Episodes 4 & 5
  • July 18: Episodes 6 & 7
  • July 25: Episodes 8 & 9
  • August 1: Episodes 10 & 11
  • August 8: Episodes 12 & 13 

Please note that this is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change. Nevertheless, if the schedule stands as projected, the airing of Korra Book 3 will reach its completion by early August.

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