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    Last week, it was discovered through various TV listings that Nick was going to air episodes 4 & 5 from Book 3 on the Friday after July 4th. Speculations were made on whether this was going to be an ongoing occurence, however, a recent tweet by Nickelodeon appears to have responded to these theories.

    Nickelodeon tweeted :

    @reiko4509 At the moment, the schedule is slated to have two new eps air every Friday starting on July 11 at 8pm/7c

    — Nickelodeon (@NickelodeonTV)

    As a result of this news, the projected schedule for Book 3 looks like this:

    • July 11: Episodes 4 & 5
    • July 18: Episodes 6 & 7
    • July 25: Episodes 8 & 9
    • August 1: Episodes 10 & 11
    • August 8: Episodes 12 & 13 

    Please note that this is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change. Neverthe…

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  • Melonus

    So last week Studio Mir, the studio that animates Korra, released this image:

    I can only speculate, but the image probably hints at part of the story plot for the next season. If you look at the image, Korra and Asami are both standing in front of a temple looking building that looks like it could be situated somewhere in the Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation. I think this could mean that the next season will have a bit more of a traveling element to it like in ATLA. Personally I was disappointed with the lack of exploration that Korra had. They could've at least went into one of the skyscrapers! Well that's my opinion what do yall think?

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