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  • Maxpauzner

    Can you please write all the women in ATLA and in LOK.

    Its important for me.

    I want to do the Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in The World of Avatar!

    First place can be for me- Katara, Yue, Azula.

    Forth place - Suki.

    Fifth- Asami.


    So I need to end this...

    Please help me!

    Love ♥

    - Max

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  • Maxpauzner

    Book 4

    August 31, 2014 by Maxpauzner

    Hello, my name is Max, I want that in book 4 will be:

    • Female Villian
    • Bonebending
    • Platinum bending
    • Bloodbending
    • Healing
    • Electricity bending from Lightning generation and Lightning redirection
    • Katara
    • Toph
    • Suki
    • Mai and Ty Lee
    • Azula
    • Fire Nation
    • Fire Nation Royal Family
    • Zuko's Daughter
    • Zuko
    • Iroh (in the spirit world)
    • Iroh (General)
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