Here is my review of the first Legend of Korra episode. Warning: it contains spoilers, since the whole episode is explained in detail.

Overview: Korra masters firebening and awaits for Tenzin's arrival so she can learn airbending from him while in the Southern Water Tribe. But the plan doesn't work out - Tenzin has to go back to Republic City, and neither he nor the Order of the White Lotus will Korra go to Republic City, too, saying that is too dangerous.

When Tenzin leaves, Korra decides that she needs to master the element and that she would even disobeyed Tenzin's orders to do so. She escapes on Naga, being encouraged to do so by Katara, and secretly sneaks on a ship. The next morning she arrives at Republic City.

Korra is amazed by the size of the city, but she goes on to Air Temple Island, Tenzin's home. On her way, Naga searches for food. Having tamed her, Korra sees the signs and agrees with Naga. They go around on the streets creating a mess, but since they do not have any money, they are forced to fish in the park. Korra then meets a homeless man, living in a bush. He asks her for one of the three fishes Korra had cooked with firebending. Korra has a short conversation with him in which she learns that not everyone in Republic City was "living it up". But then a park guard catches her and tries to arrest her fishing in the pond. Korra runs away on Naga and wonders the streets again, finally getting lost.

One of the streets, she finds three men terrorizing and old person because he owned them money. They are ready to attack, but Korra stops them and ruins there car as well. She also destroys a few shops without noticing while capturing them.

When the police arrives, Korra, too, is told that she is under arrested, having destroy most of the street. She refuses and escapes on Naga, but she is finally captured.

Korra is taken to headquarters where she talks with Chief Beifong. Korra tells the chief of what her mother and her previous incarnation had done together - saved the world. Lin's answer states that she has little care and that that is "ancient history". The silence is ended by Tenzin's arrival. He tells Lin that he shall take full responsibility and pay for all the damages if she is kind enough to let Korra go, so she goes back to the Southern Water Tribe.

Korra has a not-so-pleasant conversation with Tenzin. That is where Tenzin shows his first sign of any agreeing, but is stopped from answering by one of the employees at the harbor, asking if Naga was her polar-bear-dog.

Korra is seen leaving Tenzin behind on Air Temple Island and saying goodbye to his excited kid. Then she turns back with Naga and heads to the ship. In the last moment, Tenzin stops her and tells her that he will let her train with him and stay.

Korra is then shown introducing herself to the crowd of Republic City in front of a microphone. She tells the whole city that she will help it be as Aang dreamed for it to be - the center of peace and balance in the world.

In the last scene, Lieutenant is shown telling Amon about Korra.

Review: The episode moves quite fast, but it tells Korra story very well, having watched it two times now. It actually shows very much of her characteristics, which is very importnat for a premiere episode. My favorite scene in the first episode will be the one where Korra hugs Tenzin and his children in the end. My least favorite will be when Tezin yells at Korra and his head turns read. Neither the voice, nor the background sound is realistic. I liked Amon being introduced in the first episode since that made us expect that he was soon going to do something. I also love the way the creators made the Equalist recruiter: he had a reason ready with which to make people believe him, and was also very persuasive. It was interesting for me to see someone do something illegal so publicly and outspoken.

At the very end of the episode, when Korra introduces herself, I like the show progress with the journalists. It also tells what crime there is to fight, etc.

Korra is just shown on the bridge connecting coming ships on Air Temple Island, which leaves a great place where we can actually learn new things from the second episode.

As an overall I think the episode was great! Very good first start!

Score: 9/10

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