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The Fire Ferrets have made it to the championship tournament. Training every day, they get better and better. They take their first opponent quite easily, but love breaks their team after Korra confesses her feelings to Mako. Mako's refusal opens up an opportunity for unaware Bolin. Korra accepts his invitation to a date, where they meet Tahno. After having multiple quite nice experiences together, Bolin and Korra's girlfriend-boyfriend relationship is ended after the second match - Mako confesses his feelings towards Korra, and Korra kisses him. By-standing Bolin's heart is broken.

Mako goes to get his brother and prepare him for the semi-finals match, but Bolin refuses to come with him. Mako then carries his still heartbroken brother on his shoulder. The team, separated by love, looses the first two rounds of the game. Bolin and Mako are knocked out after Bolin's injure in the third round. Korra, however, does not give up and successfully executes a triple knockout with one hit.

The team forgives each others' mistakes and Korra thanks Asami for the support - both financial and literal. Tahno and his team enters, and after a trash-talk remark, they go to face-off their opponent. Korra heals Bolin's injured shoulder, but before she is done - a few minutes later -, Tahno and his team have already won the game with a round one knockout.

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I have never watched an episode that was more dedicated to shipping than this one. In fact, pro-bending was there just as a setting and a minor event. But this did not make the episode bad; in fact, it made it "The Spirit of Competition", which is a good title for the episode. I loved seeing all three major shippings in The Legend of Korra featured in a twenty-four minute episode that did not get boring, but was very interesting. Another things I like about the creators' strategy this time is that they are trying to make sure another shipping war does not happen. (Here is where we come in.) I believe that if they disprove the two other major shippings (Masami and Borra) and make it only logical that Makorra works out, The Legend of Korra will be even more epic than Avatar. Not that Avatar did not disprove its other shippings; no, it actually did, but it was not done in a way that people would be affected by it.

Away from shipping wars, the love in the episode was elegantly done/not overdone. This is something important, because not all of us like the epic love story with a happy ending, etc. The combination with pro-bending, as I said above, although minor, was very important to the entire episode. Now that the characters are more mature about love, I am very interested in what will happen in the next episode.

This episode, unlike "The Voice in The Night", seemed to be well-proportioned, so it was not as if you just started watching and it just got very interesting, and the episode is over. No, this episode was very interesting from the very beginning to the very end. We do not see many episodes as such, but Bryke does a good job presenting them to us. Once again, another proof that The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender are two amazing series.

Overall, the episode deserved a big 10 out of 10!

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