Mako and Bolin spend all their money just to live in the bending arena, and they have to collect thirty thousand yuans - obviously a large amount of money. Mako takes the hard way - working for the power plant; Bolin takes the easy way - works for the Triple Threat Triad. Korra just trains.

But everything gets much more complicated when the Triple Threat Triad is captured by the Equalists. Korra and Mako train Bolin to an Equalist rally named the Revelation. Amon reveals his ability to take a person's bending away - although not confirmed if energybending. When Bolin's turn comes, he is saved by Korra and Mako. The three heroes escape on Naga.

The episode ends with Tenzin's conclusion - "No bender is safe."

Review: A very decent episode, yet it felt short and incomplete (but that could just be me, since I've been waiting for it for four weeks), yet gives a feeling of excitement and is extremely interesting. You just have to come back next Saturday and watch the next episode, most probably another encounter with the Equalists.

Mako is shown in a totally different light - until now he was a "cute" "jerk", but now we see him as a caring but traumatized boy. The episode does show some Makorra moments, but they are very slight. As an overall, it is a good sign for those who want the two heroes to get together, seeing that Mako can now see Korra as the person that helped him save his only family left.

The episode is mostly about the Fire Ferrets discovering the Equalists' power, thus it gives a nice twist to the story, making the wait much more unbearable.

As an overall, the story gets you and does gets the point across in a very brilliant way. The overall score I am giving it is a 10 out of 10.

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