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The Promise Part 2 Comes Out In End of MAY?!

MateyY February 7, 2012 User blog:MateyY

First of all let me put this: I was completely aware of when each comic was coming out! But after reading the first comic... I can't wait until the next one. The storyline is done quite well. Very interesting where it will go... And what will the Earth King's reaction be? We'll find out in... MAY?! The 30th of May. And until I actualy get the comic... It's gonna be July. And the way I see it, the Legend of Korra should be starting before the release of the third comic... or the Legend of Korra will be postponed.. AGIAN?! What will happen with the colonies? How will they turn out to become Republic City? And are they purposely planing to release the third comic after the releasing of the Legend of Korra.

Please comment and say what your opinion on this topic is.

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