First of all, thank you all for reading! This blog post is more for me to get a picture of what the opinion is out there. So anyone that contributes in anyway no matter if it is just reading, or writing a comment, or sharing the post, I give a big THANK YOU to.

And now to get down to business:

Season Pass - a "pass" from iTunes that you prepay for (sometimes the price can be a bit higher after the whole season is released) for a season of a TV show that has not yet been fully released. It automatically downloads the episodes when they are released to your computer. May or may not come with some short special features. Can come in both HD or SD.

And so my question is: how many of you would like The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra to be available for a season pass purchase? I, personally, would really like to be able to buy the season before and not have to worry about catching the show, possibly forgetting to record the episode, cable problems, etc. And I can go back and re-watch it if I want, anytime. The bad part is that you do not get anything physical - no nice-looking box, good smelling discs (I love the smell of brand new made books/DVDs/Blu Rays, etc.) no fliers telling you where to get the possibly upcoming Legend of Korra toyline, and so on. Also you need Apple TV to watch any iTunes movies on your TV. So do you like the idea of a season pass. Are you the person who likes the more easily portable stuff or do you like the old-fashioned packaging better? Please comment! Thank you again!


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