Votes for stage two are now open! To cast yours, go here.

A couple of months back, I hosted a The Legend of Korra review competition, but it wasn't with much success. This time, now that we have more episodes and thoughts, I will hope that there is more competition. Here is how it will work:



  1. All registered users can participate. Anonymous users must make an account first, so that they may - in case they win - receive the userbox award.
  2. No user may make inflammatory and offensive comments.
  3. No harsh language is permitted. If your review includes more than three - no matter if the most irrelevant of curse words - inappropriate words, it will be disqualified.
  4. Each user gets one review! If you write more, you can count yourself out. However, you are free to update your review before the ending date for submissions, June 24, 2012. If edited after that, your edit will be undone, and your review will be "graded" in that shape.
  5. No irrelevant sentences. That might sound harsh, but I don't want reviews with "MAKORRA. MY ♥ BURNS FOR YOU!" in parenthesis, in the middle of the text. There is no selected consequence, though it is possible your review just not continue to the second phase.
  6. Correct grammar and spelling. I'd rather not see "Tarlock" and "Maco", as that probably ruins your chances of wining. Sentences as "Korra fire benting awesome, cuz so cool! WHOPO!!!" will be considered both irrelevant, filled with misspelled words, and grammatically incorrect. This rule also includes no all-cap sentences. The most I will let pass is if your write something as, "That does NOT make the episode bad; it's just not the same", as the sentence is still understandable, and your are still not yelling at everyone. It just puts an emphasis on a word (though I suggest it be done by using italic and bold text).
  7. Bolding is allowed if used carefully. Reviews that are completely bold are considered unacceptable; they are almost like using all caps. Rather than that, bold text is emphasized on. I suggest you use italics instead, but if such a strong emphasis is needed, feel free to use it carefully.
  8. All comment reviews must follow this format:
    Reviewer: {{User|name}} or [[User:name|name]] (yes, you must link your username)
    Episode: "[[name]]" (yes, you must put it in quotations, or else it is a grammatical mistake)
    Review: [your review goes here]
    Overall*: Score (can be on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 to 100, a letter grade (including + and -), or a percentage)

*You choose any word (or combination of words) that would suit a final rating on a scale of either 1 to 10, 1 to 100, a letter grade, or a percentage.

Phase One

Phase one lasts through June 24, 2012. All reviews must be submitted no later than June 24, 2012! If any are submitted after that, they will not be considered a part of the content. Any edits on a review after that will be undone.

All reviews will then be read and looked over, and the top ten will be selected to move on to phase two.

Phase Two

When phase two begins, users o the wiki (excluding the reviewers that moved on) will vote for their favorite reviews. Please vote because of the review, and not just because you know the user. All votes will be considered equal. Three of the reviews will move on to the next phase. Phase two will last through the 20 June, 2012.

Phase Three

The users on the wiki (excluding the top three) will vote for their favorite review. In the end, one of the reviews will be selected to be the winner, and the other ones will be awarded second and third place awards. The phase will end on the 24 June, 2012.


All awards given will be custom made userboxes. There will be one for all participants, for the ones who moved on the phase two, and for those who won third, second, and first place.


Post your reviews as comments to this blog post (please do not post them as replies, as they probably will not be read), or make a blog post yourself. However, please link the blog post to the comment after you have completed, as that is the only way we can find it fast enough. A blog post does not need to follow the format given up there, but still needs to include the episode name (preferred if linked) and must be easy to read.

Now, let the competition begin!

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