Here come the awesome news: The Legend of Korra finally has an official release date! As seen in Korra Nation, the release date will be Saturday, April 14th at 11 am. I will be buying my iTunes season pass as soon as it is available. And now that it is has more of a normal title, we can all freak out about it. I would ask you to be civil when commenting, though. We wouldn't want to get bothered for being excited, would we now?

After so many countdowns and broken hopes, the Legend of Korra is just a month away! And from all the information gathered so far, it is going to most probably be in HD. Is it going to be an amazing tale like Aang’s was? We will find out in a month! The date might seem further away after you see the new trailer here, and after asking yourself all the questions you have. Some of mine are as follows:

When will Korra meet Mako and Bolin? When will she go to live with Tenzin? What role will Aang and Katara be seen to do in the series? Who’s side will the metalbending cops be on? What role will Tenzin’s family play in the series? How far is Air Temple Island from Republic city? Where will Amon’s team be meeting? Who will be the new Fire Lord? Will he/she be a part of Zuko or Azula’s bloodline? What will be the internal struggle of the series? Will there be an opportunity for shipping wars? And what if Amon is a memeber of the Royal Family (maybe Azula or Zuko's son; look at the eyes in the trailer)? Maybe he is a disgrace for the Royal family and he was kicked out. That would explain why he wants to get rid of all the benders. But we'll soon find out! And so many more questions. Now a month just seems a long time away!

What we know is: The first episode will tell Korra’s story – how she mastered the four elements and how she went to Republic City. We know that she is going there to learn airbending from Aang’s son. We know that she meets Mako and Bolin, and that she helps the police, but isn’t to Lin Beifong’s liking. We know that Amon will capture her and that she is sensitive, like any hotheaded teenager (as seen in the newest trailer). We know that she will become a pro-bending player, and that she will introduce herself to Republic City on an official presentation. And everything beyond that... well, we are just clueless. But more clues are incoming just in a months time! Exciting!

Please comment on what you think!

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