For all of those out there who have no idea what HTML and CSS are, ask the Coding Companions for help! We will set up tables, userboxes, and other HTML/CSS stuff for you. We'll explain to you how you use code, how you use templates, and how to add templates. We'll explain to you how namespaces work.* And we will also format your pages with the latest coding user - HTML5 and CSS3.

Request a session with one of our members here.

Want to join?

Join us!


  • User must have been active for at least thirty days.
  • User must have over one hundred edits total.
  • User must be able to code in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • User must understand that this group is not for socializing, and that they will *be expelled if they are either not doing their job or breaking any of the rules.
  • User has to warn MateyY if he is to have a leave of absence/be inactive. If they *do not, they may be expelled. If the absence is longer than two months, user may *be subject to removal.
  • User must do at least two jobs a month.

Feel like you meet the criteria up there? Want to help people? Then request to join the Coding Companions here. If you feel as if you need some guidance, feel free to contact me.

For more questions, feel free to message me!

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