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By: Azulazulazula

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Template:Thumbs-up Before I get talking I will say everything in two words: “simply mesmerizing”. The chapters were well thought of, and even though book one was not complete; it is enough to leave one speechless and make them wonder… just wonder… what was to happen next. The descriptions were very well done, the feelings very well portrayed. There was the eventual spelling or grammatical mistake, but nothing nearly enough to take you out of the word, much less take you eyes of the screen (no, I do not count the so-called fragments, much less the so-called run-ons, a matter of opinion, since writing includes exceptions). I actually noticed that the first five chapters were written in a changing pattern between present and past tense, something very curious, yet special. As an overall the story is very much worth reading. It is not one of those stories that you need to read ten pages to get anything; in fact it tells everything very succinctly. Do I recommend this book? Heck yes. All who love drama and love will enjoy it and very much look forward to its release.MateyY

Template:Thumbs-down While Azulazulazula's Rebel has an interesting plot and characters, the overall execution of the story is less than adequate. Firstly, there are multiple grammar errors (mostly sentence fragments and run-on sentences) in every chapter. Also, the author has a tendency to use unnecessary conjunctions in the beginning of sentences. Secondly, the events in the story sometimes happen too fast. For example, when the main characters have just met, they told their life stories to each other. Finally, there are mistakes in the fanon. The protagonist becomes upset about the downfall of Omashu because he "knew" it before. However, this conflicts with him being imprisoned in Ba Sing Se his entire life.

Rebel has potential to be greater than it is, and with an edit or two more it can achieve this.4BasicElements

Template:Thumbs-up The plot of Rebel is very simple and understandable: a boy who feels trapped in his own hometown and wants to explore more of the world. The time he spent in the prison made him feel this way. What's more interesting is that I find his situation as similar to Zuko's. Jong is finding his true place in the world, Zuko is searching for his true destiny. The whole idea of this fan-fiction happening at the same time in some parts of Book: Two is very clever making it more realistic and more "in" with the series, so there's a kind of continuity. His love interest, Partida, is truly a unique character. First and foremost, her blonde hair. No one in the Avatar series had blonde hair. Now, most of the time when I read fanon stories (fan-fiction), I go directly to the "fighting/action parts" but despite a lack of action in the story, it still made me want to read more and that's a good sign that it's leading to a good finale. Finally, it's so easy to read. So, I'm giving this fanon a thumbs up.Iluvcinderella

Template:Thumbs-up It was ... great! Azulazula does a really good job on telling the story of a boy who ran away from the Ba Sing Se to escape a life rules in a poem. As I read Rebel, it felt like I could see and hear the same thing the main character Jong was seeing and hearing. I have no doubt in my mind that more interesting characters like Partida and Jong will come up as this story continues to unfold. I'm proud to give this fanon a thumbs up! Omar067

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