Let me start of by saying that this is going to be a serious blog post - no fancy pink coding or little cute Sokka-cactus-quench pictures. No. I am here to discuss a very serious topic; one that seems to be over-underestimated on the wiki these days.

It has recently come to my attention that user Omar067. This blog post will not be about him, since I have not fully followed up in what has happened and do not want to become a part of it. But I have noticed some of the messages, and they have inspired this blog post. Recently, a blog post was released by user Omashu Rocks. It's main message - "what's with all the doom and gloom people". What the wiki got from that - "I hate the admins; they do nothing". It felt as if I, and I could have, missed an old version of the blog post that everyone else was reading rather than focusing on the current one. Under that blog post, I wrote a comment - one of those comments where I speak my mind. No reply. Good. This blog post could be something similar; I do not know. If you wish to express your opinion, be ready with your argument. I do not take kindly to people who come here and say: "we should do this", yet know not why.


Number one topic. Everyone wants respect, everyone deserves respect. I think that period ought to be replaced with a question mark. Why is it that when someone wants respect, they deserve it? I might want to win the lottery yet it doesn't just happen.

The same is with people's respect, although it is not a gamble and you start from 100%. For every bad thing you do, your "score goes down". We get people's respect from a default. We could increase the amount (over 100%, yes), or we could decrease it. Yet everyone wants respect just—like—that./? How does that work out?


This topic is of less importance than respect, but it is what makes respect inefficient and fake sometimes. Everyone has that line where you know that you will harm your own ego if you cross it. Everyone knows that something will hurt their name, their reputation. Everyone is affected by pride.

A too-proud person has less patience and a less opened mind. This trips them in whatever it is that they're doing. This affects our entire wiki. Every vote here counts, yet one vote isn't much. But that all changes when a person has received that respect, possibly undeserved, and is influencing (vocabulary word) others. From one vote, it goes to five, ten, fifteen and so on!

Another thing is that people can't take accusations and, much worse, the plain truth. Accusations may be eventually considered offensive, but they ought not to be taken too seriously. Being offended by the truth is a shameful thing. All of us have felt it, at different times and in different ways. But if it crosses the line, it may become disastrous. How do we talk about a community that is fake and only listens to the praise towards them?


While we all know that there is prejudice towards anonymous users and new users, we very much ignore the prejudice towards those that were wrong in your eyes. This is the type of prejudice that hurts the wiki the most, since it is the least logical. Trusted users turn against each other, and they both end up ruined. Or it is just one side that suffers short-term (vocabulary word). But no matter what, all sides suffer in the long-term.


This is your time to respond. Say what you truly think! Do not hold back, but be straight forward, since this is what this blog is about - the truth as it is!

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